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10 Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring Cleaning

The month of March brings spring, and with spring comes bright budding flowers, longer days, warmer weather, and spring cleaning. There is no better way to shake off the dreariness of winter than a freshly cleaned home ready to welcome the season. Here are 10 easy ways you can clean your home for spring. 1. […]

Homes for Heroes | Where Does the Money Go?

How Homes for Heroes Allocates it’s Revenue Recently some charitable organizations have come under scrutiny about how revenues and assets are allocated. So, how does Homes for Heroes measure up? To explain this we first need to understand what the organization does. Homes for Heroes is the nation’s largest Hero savings program. HfH offers Hero […]

Where to Find the True Value for Your Home

Ever wondered what your home is worth? Want to know where to start looking? Whether you’re just curious or are eager to find a competitive listing price, using the best resources to find your property’s value is crucial. Today, we’re going to be talking about two types of home evaluation tools: neighborhood sold reports and comparative […]