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The 6 Resources You Must Use When Buying a Home

Home Buyer Resources

Scrolling through online listing photos, scouting for the best neighborhoods, and pondering décor in your new home is fun. But the home search itself is not the only enjoyable experience; the entire home buying process can be pleasant when you have access to the best tools. Here are the top six resources you should use to make buying a home […]

7 Best Strategies for House Hunting

Spring Homes

Spring is almost here! The warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and longer days are perfect for viewing homes in person, and it’s no wonder that the spring season is a popular time for home buyers to start looking at homes and neighborhoods. But before you start driving around and visiting open houses, you should follow these important house hunting […]

Homes for Heroes | Where Does the Money Go?

How Homes for Heroes Allocates it’s Revenue Recently some charitable organizations have come under scrutiny about how revenues and assets are allocated. So, how does Homes for Heroes measure up? To explain this we first need to understand what the organization does. Homes for Heroes is the nation’s largest Hero savings program. HfH offers Hero […]