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How Homes for Heroes Allocates it’s Revenue

Recently some charitable organizations have come under scrutiny about how revenues and assets are allocated.

So, how does Homes for Heroes measure up? To explain this we first need to understand what the organization does.

Homes for Heroes is the nation’s largest Hero savings program.

HfH offers Hero Rewards®, rebates, and discounts for firefighters, emergency medical professionals, military and veterans, law enforcement, teachers and healthcare workers when buying, selling, renting, or refinancing a home.

To provide extraordinary savings to local heroes by giving real rebates and real savings to the heroes that sacrifice and serve to make our community and our country a better place.

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How is it financed?

Rebates to Heroes are actually funded by affiliate real estate agents. This is done with a donation of 25% of a Realtor’s collected commission which is returned to the Hero to help cover closing costs in real estate transactions. Additional discounts can be obtained from participating lenders and title companies.

There is also a membership fee and a 5% fee on transactions paid by affiliate Realtors. These membership revenues and commissions earned by the HfH program are the funds in question.

What Homes for Heroes does with the money

According to Kathy Yang a support agent from HfH, the 5% commission and membership fee revenues are used to fund the Homes for Heroes Foundation (a Homes for Heroes subsidiary that provides financial assistance) and marketing for the organization.


Homes for Heroes Foundation (A subsidiary of Homes for Heroes)



To provide or coordinate financial assistance and housing resources to our Nation’s Heroes such as Military personnel, Police/Peace Officers, Firefighters and First Responders who are in need.

Essentially, temporary assistance for Heroes such as catching up a mortgage payment or bills etc…

Bottom Line

Homes for Heroes has maintained transparency and is an organization that is truly non-profit and client focused. To date the organization has saved Heroes over $13,037,262.02 at the time this was written.

Homes for Heroes Realtors have a 93% excellent rating from Heroes surveyed.

98+ % of  Heroes surveyed say they would recommend their Homes for Heroes affiliate Realtor to colleagues.

Click Here for more information or to apply to the program, Click Here.

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