“The check is the mail”

Sometimes statements are made by Real Estate Agents to get a listing that remind me of one of the greatest untruths, such as, when a person receives a call from a bill collector and their first response is “the check is in the mail”.

The first of these statements is “I have fewer listings so I can give your home personal attention”.  This statement is used by agents that have few listings when they are competing with a higher producing agent for a listing.  Now think about it, you have an agent that doesn’t sell much each year saying they can give your home more attention.  If they were giving their listings more attention then they would be selling more houses.  If the more successful agent wasn’t giving their listings personal attention they wouldn’t be getting more listings and making more sales.  Don’t penalize the more successful agent because they are more successful.  They are more successful because they sell homes.

The second of these statements is the best.  The agent says “List with me, I have two potential buyers that may want to look at your home”.  Let me tell you up front if I have a potential buyer for a home I am going to bring the buyer to look at the home.  I’m not going to worry about getting a listing if I have a buyer.  I have done this before, I found out a home was for sale, I had a buyer that wanted a home just like this one, so instead of doing the listing presentation I brought the buyer to the home and sold the home in 45 minutes.  Next time you hear this line tell the agent to call the buyer and have them come over and look at your home.  What have you got to lose, if they come over and like it you’ll sell your home, if they don’t come then you know what kind of agent you have.

After all your goal is to go to the closing table and walk away with a check.  It’s not to hear “the check is in the mail”.

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