Buyers’ Confidence in Conway, AR Real Estate Market is up!

ERA Brokers and agents report that consumer confidence is up and they are seeing an increase in home buyers. ERA brokers and agents shared their observations in a Real Estate Trend Watch Survey taken in early 2013.

  • 80% of ERA agents and brokers are seeing consumers’ outlook on the real estate market improving in 2013

  • 40% of those that answered the survey attributed the improved outlook to steady economic recovery being tracked in the news

  • 26% said an increase in home values and low interest rates are encouraging consumers that the real estate market is improving.

ERA brokers and agents are seeing more buyers in 2013 willing to take the step of buying real estate. It appears there are fewer consumers willing to sell which is creating a shortage of inventory. However in Conway, AR, as reflected in my business, there does not seem to be a shortage of buyers or sellers.

This is a great time to buy or sell real estate in Central Arkansas.

Content drawn from ERA 2013 Real Estate Trend Watch Survey as shared by Melissa Campbell, ERA Director, Public Relations & Internal Communications

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